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PC Name Lvl AT DB PP Hits H/R Pen LInit MPa Stun SNP Dwn Dth
NPC Name Key Lvl AT DB PP Hits H/R Pen LInit MPa Stun SNP Dwn Dth
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H/R Pen LInit MPa Stun SNP Down Death
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Attack Roll =   Re-roll Attack  Fumble/Spell Failure! Click here
Total = =
Critical Roll = .  
Wounds to be inflicted on Defender: (GM must check!)
Hits H/R Pen LInit MPa Stun SNP Down Death
To be applied from: this rnd next rnd

Defender FINAL CONDITION: (GM must check!)
Hits H/R Pen LInit MPa Stun SNP Down Death
Apply Large/Special crit - show crit codes
Apply / Save Cancel
Initiative will remain the same as the previous round until you click the "Roll Initiative" button.

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Your usage statistics are shown below.
Number of Encounters:
Number of Combat Rounds:
Number of Attacks Started:
Number of Criticals Rolled:
Number of Characters Created:
Choose settings below, then click Save.
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Backup and restore your database of Minion characters here.
Copy the highlighted text in the textbox immediately below, then paste it into a text document and save it to your PC/device. This is your backup of Minion characters (PCs & NPCs).
Paste your backed up database of Minion characters into the textbox below, then click the Restore button. Please note this will overwrite & delete all characters currently in the database.
To test backup/restore, you may wish to copy the selected Backup text above directly into the Restore textbox, change a value or two like a PC name, then click the Restore button. Then, make sure your characters look correct within the Minion main page.
Restore Cancel
To upgrade Minion to use the full set of Rolemaster weapon and critical tables, enter your license information below. Note that installation will delete any previously installed tables, and reset the current encounter.
A license can be purchased at
IMPORTANT: You must have a connection to the Internet to download and install the full tables. Your license information and IP will be logged for security purposes.
Install Licensed Tables Reset to Free Tables Cancel
Under construction.
v1.4.2 (6 Jan 2016)
 - modified attacker parry text on combat panel to remove % ambiguity
 - made Actor clickable to select as current Attacker/Defender
 - updated FAQ
 - updated Getting Started

v1.4.1 (22 Apr 2014)
 - large and super large creature crits enabled
 - special crits enabled such as mithril, magic, holy & slaying

v1.4 (21 Apr 2014) Companion Tables Release for RM2/Classic
 - added tables to the RM2/Classic licensed tables data file from the
    following companion products:
         Arcane Companion
         Fire & Ice Elemental Companion
         Martial Arts Companion
         The Armory
 - Crit Codes list consolidated to show all crit, fumble and spell failures
 - fixed typos in RMSS/FRP licensed tables data file

v1.3.1 (18 Apr 2014)  Web App version
 - enabled Minion as a web app for offline use
 - added manifest cache (for above)
 - added auto-detect and auto-download of new software version

v1.3 (11 Apr 2014) Companion Tables Release for RMSS/FRP
 - added tables to the RMSS/FRP licensed tables data file from the
    following companion products:
         Arcane Companion
         Fire & Ice Elemental Companion
         Martial Arts Companion
         The Armory
 - improved table installation report
 - increased Initiative Bonus max limit from 100 to 1000
 - widened attack panel popup to fit new weapon groups/names

v1.2.1 (31 Mar 2014)
 - added attacker % penalty due to hits loss with option to disable
 - added version history

v1.2 (25 Mar 2014) GA Release for RMSS/FRP Licences
 - enabled RMSS/FRP table data installation
 - added RMSS/FRP crit codes on attack panel
 - added extra FAQs

v1.1.1 (15 Feb 2014)
 - bug fix for UM vs open-ended rolls when entered manually by GM

v1.1 (5 Feb 2014) GA Release for RM2/Classic Licenses
 - minor changes for RM2/RMC table data installation

v1.0 (10 Dec 2013) GA (General Availability) Release
 - enabled "Install Licensed Tables" function
 - added "Restore to Free Tables" function
 - added references to RMSS/FRP full table data
 - added extra FAQs
 - minor bug fixes and formatting changes

v0.96 (26 Nov 2013) Beta Release
 - added Backup/Restore system for PC/NPC database
 - back button added to Initiative / Actors

v0.95 (17 Nov 2013) Alpha Release for Public Playtest
Copyright: David J. Webster. All rights reserved.
Contact: David J. Webster - WebIT
Rolemaster, Harp, ICE and Iron Crown Enterprises are trademarks of Aurigas Aldebaron LLC and are used with permission. All rights reserved.
Critical code abbreviations used in attack results are shown below. Attack results format is <hits><severity><critcode>. Hits must be given, even if 0.
Eg #1: "15Cst" is 15 hits and a "C" Martial Arts Strikes critical.
Eg #2: "0Bco" is no hits and a "B" Cold critical.
Eg #3: "15Dth" is 15 hits and a Mithril Weapon crit again a Super Lge Creature.

LARGE/SPECIAL CRITS: You may override any Crit result in the attack form by typing in a new result. This is especially important for crits agains Large creatures and special attacks such as mithril, holy and slaying. Simply replace the original crit code with any other crit code found below.

Melee Crits                   Elemental/Arcane Crits
 G  = Grappling                co = Cold
 K  = Krush                    el = Electricity
 P  = Puncture                 he = Heat
 S  = Slash                    im = Impact
 T  = Tiny                     mn = Mana (Arcane Comp)
 U  = Unbalancing              vo = Void (Arcane Comp)
                               aa = Aether (Elemental Comp)
Martial Arts Crits             an = Nether (Elemental Comp)
 st = MA Strikes               di = Disruption (RMCIII)
 sw = MA Sweeps
 br = Brawling (SS/FRP only)  Holy Crits
 sb = Subdual  (SS/FRP only)   hw = Holy Weapon (SS/FRP only)
 lk = Locking Holds (MA Comp)  hs = Holy Spell  (SS/FRP only)
 nv = Nerve Strike  (MA Comp)
Large Creature Crits          Super Large Creature Crits
 wl = Normal Weapon            wh = Normal Weapon
 sl = Normal Spell             sh = Normal Spell
 ml = Magic Weapon             mh = Magic Weapon
 tl = Mithril Weapon           th = Mithril Weapon
 hl = Holy Arms                hh = Holy Arms
 yl = Slaying Weapon           yh = Slaying Weapon
 ll = Slaying Spell            lh = Slaying Spell
Fumbles                       Spell Failures
 f1 = One-Handed Arms          sf = Attack Spell     (Classic only)
 f2 = Two-Handed Arms          sn = Non-Attack Spell (Classic only)
 fp = Pole Arms & Spears       ae = Elemental Attack (SS/FRP only)
 fm = Mounted Arms             af = Force Attack     (SS/FRP only)
 ft = Thrown Arms              ni = Informational    (SS/FRP only)
 fb = Bows / Missiles          no = Non-attack Other (SS/FRP only) 
 fs = MA Strikes               ar = Arcane Elemental (Arcane Comp)
 fw = MA Sweeps                ao = Arcane Other     (Arcane Comp)
 fa = Animal
 fn = Natural Attack (Classic only)
 fr = Brawling (SS/FRP only)

NOTE #1: Tables in green are included in the free web app.
NOTE #2: The full table data available from includes all RM2/Classic or RMSS/FRP table data, however Fumbles/Spell Failures have not been implemented in software.
Rolemaster Combat Minion is a free-to-use Web App for use with the Rolemaster Roleplaying Game. It helps speed up, track and manage combat encounters and PC/NPC health. We hope our fellow Rolemaster players find this software useful.
By clicking the "I ACCEPT" button, you confirm that you have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use. Please click "LEAVE" if you do not accept.
I accept the Terms and Conditions of Use.
For your convenience, we have created a sample database on this device/PC to get you started. It includes a party of player characters and an enemy goblin party. Delete or add to these as you like!
Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) have allowed us to include a few sample Rolemaster (RM) weapon and critical tables, including Broadsword, Short Bow, Shock Bolt, Slash, Puncture & Electricity tables.
Using the included tables means the final weapon result and crits are provided by the App itself, but even without other weapon tables, Minion will speed up your combat encounters considerably. To use other weapons, simply:

1. Enter the final attack and/or crit result eg. '5AS' from the weapon table. (Only this last step must be manually entered - Minion still does the hard work, calculations, etc.), or

2. Buy the full RM2/C or RMSS/FRP tables from ICE at

Starting a combat encounter is easy...
1. Click the Initiative button, then Save the initiative results. The first actor will be shown in the Encounter Actions panel.
2. Choose Attacker by clicking the name of the Attacker.
3. Choose Defender by clicking the name of the Defender in the PC or NPC grid.
4. Click the Attack button, then follow the directions in the Attack panel popup to resolve the attack.
5. Then, click the Next Actor button and repeat from Step 2...
At the end of the round, click the End Round button and repeat from Step 1...
Video tutorials for the entire process can be viewed here:

1. Combat Encounter Tutorial Video (12 mins)

2. Character Creation Tutorial Video (8 mins)

Tutorial demonstrations are provided in the following videos:
1. Where can I get all the weapon and critical tables?
Licenses for RM2/Classic and RMSS/FRP full table data are available for purchase within the OneBookShelf online shops. We recommend
2. If I purchase a full table data License, can I use it on all my PCs/devices?
Yes. For example if you own a PC, a laptop and an iPad, you may use the same License on all of them. If you purchase a new device later, you may also use the same License. However you are strictly prohibited from giving your License information to another person, and we log all Licensed data downloads (User, IP, Device type, License Info) to ensure that License keys are being used for personal use only.

IMPORTANT: Please note each browser on each device will have its own unique DB of Minion characters. Normally you will only want to use Minion on one device - where your campaign characters are stored.
3. Can you add <cool new function> to this software?
To request new functions, please request at the Minion Forum at ICE. You will find an active group of Rolemaster GMs and Players eager to talk about all aspects of the game.
4. Help... I found a bug!
Please post the bug to the Minion Forum at ICE. We will endeavor to fix it ASAP.
5. When I create characters, where is my data stored?
Within your web browser's "localstorage" data store. Since each browser has its own separate localstorage, each will have an entirely different DB of Minion characters. Think of this Web App as similar to an iOS or Android app, where in this case each browser on each device is its own separate App.
6. Are my characters safe?
Use the Backup function within the Options menu to be completely assured your characters are safe.
As long as you don't clear your entire browser data store, your Minion DB of characters will stay on your device's hard drive. Depending on your browser, clearing cookies MAY delete your localstorage Minion DB, so please ensure the browser you use doesn't clear cookies and localstorage at the same time. For more information, please read here or here.
7. How many characters and creatures can I create?
Thousands. Localstorage allows about 5000 KB of data, and each character only requires about 0.2 KB.
8. Can I move my characters from one device to another, or from one browser to another?
Yes. Use the Backup and Restore functions found under the Options menu. You can save a text file of all your characters, and restore them onto any device or browser.
9. Can I use this Web App offline?
Yes. This app only needs to be downloaded once. From then on, it will load from the internet if you are online, or from cache (wep app manifest) if you are offline.
To be continued...
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